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The ‘No Spoon’ Approach to Entrepreneurship

Julian Hall

Founder of Ultra Education (UltraKids Club and UltraAcademy)

The iconic line from the 1999 Sci-Fi blockbuster ‘The Matrix

there is no spoon

...has a profound significance in relation to entrepreneurship, not to mention more widely to general life.

Given the context that the phrase is used by a child during an exchange with the film’s lead character Neo, to urge him to untap his potential is even more telling.

For those who haven’t seen the film, The Matrix centres around a computer simulated reality where practically anything is possible.

In the scene, Neo questions the child about his ability to seemingly bend a spoon without touching it. The child reasons that the key to achieving this unfathomable feat lies in the mind.

Of course, without getting too theoretical our day-to-day lives are not The Matrix, but given the rapid advancement of technology in recent years, we’re not that far off.

I would argue that almost anything that can be conceptualised can be created, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but in time.

While often we are taught to make decisions based on reason, logic and evidence (which is all good), when it comes to entrepreneurship, these concepts can have a limiting effect on the development of entrepreneurial endeavours, ideas and projects.

I mean, rules of thumb are all well and good when you’re trying to find the ‘X’ in the equation or you have a written test to do, but what if you’re trying to create a new alphabet?

What if you’re trying to change the way we do things and improve the way we interact?

Look beyond.

Entrepreneurship requires boldness and the ability to step out and take risks in order to be innovative and delve into new terrain.

It is in this space that world-changing products and concepts are born and ultimately our lives are bettered.

As the saying goes...

great things are never created from the comfort zone.

With this in mind it is no wonder that in my experience child entrepreneurs often epitomise the ‘no spoon’ mantra in their approach to their businesses – often eclipsing older and ‘wiser’ counterparts.

As we all know, traditionally, children’s innocence, imagination and innate creativity are great assets in their ability to create and entertain themselves.

Many will say that the emergence of technology as a factor in the socialisation of children has had an effect on their creativity and imagination, however I still see that creative spark is alive and well in the next generation.

Take four-year-old Tyler, one of our UltraKids. He loves biscuits and tea (particularly dipping his biscuits in tea), but found he would often burn his fingers – so what did he do?

Actually, perhaps a better question is what would you do? Put cool water in your tea? Leave out the biscuits, or maybe just deal with the inconvenience?

Well Tyler saw the opportunity and invented an innovative product that solves the problem!

Neat or what?

Tyler’s example, is of course the core of what entrepreneurship is…

Finding solutions to the problems we face every day; and I am sure there are a good number of readers of this article who have faced this problem in the past!

Taking a ‘spoonless’ approach to entrepreneurship will help you to grow in your approach, action and execution of your ideas and projects.

You will often find that this approach will benefit your business by tapping into the problems your audience encounter – but have done nothing about!

So lose your inhibitions, think beyond what you can physically see in front of you and do something you’ve never done before.

There is no spoon!

Sounds a lot better than ‘think big’ doesn’t it?

Ultra and Out ;-)


Julian Hall

Founder of Ultra Education (UltraKids Club and UltraAcademy)

Julian Hall is an award winning serial entrepreneur who started his first business at 18 yrs old. With 20 years experience of technology in banking and startups, Julian is an international speaker, media commentator, best selling author and educator also known as The Ultrapreneur. He is also the founder of Ultra Education, a company which teaches entrepreneurship in primary and secondary schools and clubs around the country.

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