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Seven Traits of Successful Intropreneurs

Tom Evans

Author | Meditation Guide | Creator of The Art of Timefulness

Our image of a successful entrepreneur is probably skewed by seeing the likes of Richard Branson, Elon Musk, or wonderful eccentrics like Trevor Bayliss, in the news and on the telly.

As well as being fabulously entrepreneurial, people like this are of course masterful at self-marketing.

Hats off to them for that.

There is a breed of entrepreneurs though that go quietly about their business and are both successful and impactful at the same time.

We might think of these people as being ‘Intropreneurs' - or ‘Intro-verted Entre-preneurs’.

As they are somewhat shy and retiring by their nature, they are somewhat difficult to spot.

Here are seven traits and patterns of behaviour they exhibit to help you identify them.

#1. Passionate

An intropreneur is driven by their passion for what they do. They love their job so much that they don’t even see it as a job.

Many undersell themselves as a result, which can make them financially poor. Emotionally and spiritually they are amongst the richest people on the planet though.

#2. Focussed

The intropreneur gets on with their jobs. They know that their output is the key and that introspection, procrastination and self-doubt are their foes.

By focussing on the task in hand, it prevents the mind wandering back to past mistakes or missed opportunities. When they don’t spend or waste time worrying about the future, the most perfect future has the tendency to just turn up.

#3. Compassionate

An intropreneur is constantly mindful of how what they do, and what they produce, impacts on others. Often their products and services will be designed from the ground up to help others.

Some of them might have been through hard times, found a way out and then entrepreneurially innovated a solution to help others.

#4. Shouting quietly

The most successful intropreneurs do their marketing by their deeds and actions.

While some might resort to Facebook Ads and expensive marketing campaigns, intropreneurs get their message out by leading by example and using word of mouth.

#5. Sharing

Many people find their way into intropreneurship by accident, sometimes as a result of a mid-life crisis or hiccup.

They view their life experience as a gift and share that gift with others by teaching, educating and edutaining.

#6. Making a difference

Intropreneurs leave a legacy and a breadcrumb trail for others to follow. Many will have a philanthropic aspect to their business.

You will see them having special pricing for non-profits and education and some donate a percentage of profits to charity.

#7. Quietly disruptive

What we imagine today has a tendency to become the reality that we inherit in the future. Intropreneurs will be driven by a desire to make the world a better place as a result of them being on the planet.

For many, this passion will outstrip their desire to make money. This is why intropreneurs need all the help and support we can give them. They are the Change Makers.

So if any of the above sounds like you, or you know of such an Intropreneur, make yourself or them known by way of tweeting me!


Tom Evans

Author | Meditation Guide | Creator of The Art of Timefulness

Tom is the author of 13 books, his latest being The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness. He is one of the top meditation guides on the free Insight Timer app and the host of the Zone Show podcast which explores how to get in and stay in the zone.

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