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S2 EP17 | Rethinking Publishing with Joe Gregory

Welcome back to Season 2 of the EnSpirit Podcast.

In this episode, we have an excellent interview with Joe Gregory - an Entrepreneur, Publisher, Marketer and Author.

Joe Gregory is co-founder of Rethink Press. He started his first business in 1997 when he was 19 after realising being an employee wasn't for him. He has been responsible for successfully publishing over 500 entrepreneur authors since 2003. His latest book, Make Your Book Pay, shows authors how to really use their book to grow their business.

He talks about his journey demonstrating that when you've got nothing to lose, taking risks is easy; he tells us why his company was already prepared for the pandemic; discusses the permanence of physical books; and explains why writing a book can transform the author into so much more.

Thank you for listening and for all of your support.


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