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S1 EP45 | Lathi Dube | Losing half her family to finding herself and impacting others to find themselves.

In this episode, we're with Lathi Dube. Her journey began in the most tragic way imaginable, however, we speak about the way in which she turned her pain into strength. Lathi has an undeniable drive to help others and she goes into where her drive comes from, how others can change their perspective too.

Lathi is an inspirational Speaker, Identity Specialist, Coach, Trainer and Educator. Best put in her own words:

"Identity is the construct that has plagued every individual I have had the pleasure and the honour of working with. Individuals face complicated and intricate problems during their lives, which often leaves them confused and bewildered, but all hope is not lost. Through my work, I help individuals to face the fear that is sometimes too painful to verbalise and I help them move forward to lead a truly empowered life."


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