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S1 EP43 | Simon Hall | From spending years on the wrong path to a goal of impacting the world and creating a world-leading podcast.

Simon Hall is the founder of the Nourish Group & Host Of The Nourish Life Show; Simon’s story from an elite athlete spending many years on the wrong path, to set out with a goal of building a world-leading personal development platform impacting millions whilst travelling the world.

In this episode, Simon talks about his early business and how he learned that he was being a 'solopreneur', not an entrepreneur.

Simon takes us through his journey and the key factors that led him to pack his business in and starting again in the right way.

We tackle the differences between being a solopreneur and an entrepreneur and how to pull yourself out of a situation where you're 'doing it all yourself'.

Find Simon online here: https://www.simonhall.global/


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