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S1 EP40 | Gary Das | From growing a business you hate over 10 years, to building a business you love in 3.

Gary is an Award-Winning Mortgage Broker, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Speaker, Trainer and Financial Services Influencer. 
Alongside building his Active Mortgage brokerage he coaches stressed-out financial services professionals who are frustrated by a lack of leads and time to create a profitable and enjoyable business. Since 2016 using social media has enabled Gary to run multiple 5 figure launches, mentor over 100s FS professionals online and generate more than £1m in sales, with virtually £0 marketing.

In this episode, Gary shares how he was influenced into the entrepreneurship from a young age and how he built and scaled his first business. We talk about the highs and lows he faced and how this led him to where he is today as well as vital advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Gary's unique story has given him a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building teams within successful businesses and he gives us a fair few tips over the course of the episode.

To find Gary online you can visit his website at: www.garydas.com

Or connect with him on social media: https://www.instagram.com/garydas/


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