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S1 EP38 | Karl Pearsall | How business success didn't necessarily mean life success

Karl Pearsall created the volunteer organisation YES Group worldwide, the most successful personal development community in the UK and is still as successful today. Also co-authored the book, The Power of Masterminding. He and his co-authors established a peer-to-peer methodology for entrepreneurial collaboration in 2005.

in this episode, Karl gives us an insight into his journey starting in 1984 with a radio 1 DJ, Brent Town Hall and creating an event. He takes us through how he took this to booking some of the biggest DJ's in the world later in his career and going on to launch YES group.

Although a financial success, Karl reflects on how it wasn't a 'mental success' and how this led him into the world of personal development.

Did we skip some steps in the description above? Yes. But Karl shares all the in-betweens during the episode giving us a deep insight into how he's achieved all that he has.

Connect with Karl on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/karlpearsall/

and find out about YES Group here: https://yesgroup.org/


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