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S1 EP30 | Dilara Tetik | From the verge of taking her own life to following her passion to build a successful coaching business

After working for over a decade in Financial Services in London, Dilara Tetik now runs her own Life and Relationship Coaching business with the purpose to empower, inspire and transform lives.

Her style of coaching is Deep Transformational Coaching and her key areas of focus are Relationships, Effective Communications, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Self Confidence and Self Love.


During the episode, Dilara talks about her mental spiral into depression and suicidal thoughts at her lowest points; she goes on to give us what she learned about herself and how she built her business once realising the source of her unhappiness.

Dilara also shares what her main takeaways from lockdown/COVID have been and her plans going forward in business!

We also get a sneak insight into her passion for relationship coaching and she shares one of her top tips for having a happy relationship.


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