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S1 EP15| Anju Solanki | Selling bonds on the trading floor to being a champion of diversity and inclusion!

Anju Solanki is the founder of MEA Consulting Group, a diversity consultancy which helps aspiring and progressive companies attract, retain and accelerate the progression of minority groups on the path to leadership. 

Prior to founding MEA, Anju worked in investment banking for 12 years, building a successful track record on the trading floor and creating a network of international clients. Having experienced the invisible barriers minority groups face first hand, she became super passionate about driving change.

In this episode, Anuj and Baiju talk about her story, coming from a single-parent background to climbing the corporate ladder and beginning of her journey with MEA Consulting Group.

We dive into the challenges and opportunities that she's gone through and her views on diversity, representation and equality.


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