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S1 EP14| Af Malhotra | Journey from corporate success to entrepreneurial challenges

Af Malhotra is the co-founder of GrowthEnabler, a disruptive AI tech startup radically changing the way corporations partner with, procure from, and invest in the global digital ecosystem. Having started his career in 1999 with Lord Sugar’s iconic brand, Amstrad, Af went on to join the Japanese IT Services giant, Fujitsu.

He then spent several years in leadership roles with the US research and advisory firm, Gartner, which led him to co-found GrowthEnabler. Af is an active venture investor in AI, IoT and SAAS companies. He is a speaker and commentator on all things Digital. He is often featured on media across the BBC, CNBC, The Times, and HuffPost.

In this episode, we talk to Aftab about his transition from corporate into becoming an entrepreneur, the learnings he's taken from one to the other and the lessons he's learned on his journey so far.


Aftab goes on to share his views on the future of the market for entrepreneurs and gives his thoughts on the post-COVID market.


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