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If You Can’t See It, They Won’t Come!

Sarah-Anne Lucas

CEO BirdOnABike, Author, Speaker, Radio Presenter

If you think that the beginning of the year is about planning…. You are missing the point.

"How rude?!" - I hear you say Bird.

I say this with love, respect and a cheeky smile.

You and I are going to have a love affair over the next 6 months. We will laugh, because I am funny. You will disagree with me, which I adore in you and it’s my favourite thing to be wrong. You will move into resistance with my words and you will dance with fear.

But oh what magic we are about to make together. I believe you have a huge responsibility.

A responsibility that you may not see or want, but a responsibility nevertheless you have.

You are responsible as a leader to create a vision that does not and can not exist.

  • A vision that it so ridiculous.
  • A vision that is nonsensical.
  • A vision that is totally crazy, foolish, outrageous, shocking.
  • A vision that you are laughed at, by the world.
  • A vision that technology can not support.
  • A vision that will never stand the test of time.
  • A vision that you will be accused of being arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic, a dreamer.
  • A murderous vision, that kills all of the present plans.

I know you have a vision on some level, but I dare you to create a vision with all these elements.

As we grow together, you will know I always encourage you to move and action.

Reading these words will just not do. Become a practitioner of action.


  • Stand tall.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breath deep and wide into your ribcage.

Allow the tummy to rise and fall…….. Come on, don’t be shy.

Allow your face to face the ceiling, bringing the chin away from the chest.

NOW… BEGIN...No boundaries...No rules...No judgement...No limitations...What did you see?

Write it down!

In 1964, a human proved science, experts and critics wrong. He did what the experts said was “humanly impossible”. It is stated that the experts said the human body was simply not capable.

Upon breaking the record, it is said that within one year 24 others followed in the same footsteps.

Roger Bannister broke the 4-Minute Mile. His vision was deemed physically impossible.

His vision was deemed ludicrous. No pathway visible. No mountain to climb, only the one created within his thoughts, his vision.

He continued, regardless, no matter what, using the skill of visualisation. Can you create a vision that at present can not be seen, other than by yourself?

Can you build unwavering faith, when others strangle you daily with disbelief and ridicule?

Can you travel this road alone with respect and love? Roger Bannister was prepared to set himself apart. He practiced the art of visualization. Preparing his body, daily to do what was said to be humanly

It is your duty, your responsibility to build a vision of greatness. So that others may follow and revel in the glory of making the impossible, possible.

Lead from within you, not manage the tainted environment.

Become the vision, become their inspiration.


Sarah-Anne Lucas

CEO BirdOnABike, Author, Speaker, Radio Presenter

Birdonabike was founded from a lifelong love affair with fitness and optimum health. From running marathons to Ironman the passion grew and this reflected in the exponential growth of the business. Building the foundations of Birdonabike came form being a Registered nurse for 17 years. Reaching peaks of performance within the NHS as a Sister of award and Nurse Practitioner, diagnosing and prescribing within the community.

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