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Ideas To Encourage Kids To Think Entrepreneurially

Julian Hall

Founder of Ultra Education (UltraKids Club and UltraAcademy)

As many of us will be aware entrepreneurship is a never-ending journey of self-development, learning and growth, that is life-long.

Whilst it is undeniable that some remarkable and naturally gifted people are ‘born’ entrepreneurs, there’s often a process of developing the skills needed for success in the entrepreneurial flair. To that end, its important to encourage kids to think entrepreneurially.

I believe there is nothing better than to encourage kids to think entrepreneurially.

...and therefore here are some of my tips to encourage kids to think entrepreneurially.

How To Encourage Kids To Think Entrepreneurially
Be A Problem Solver

The first step is to encourage solution-focused thinking. This is the first tiny innitiative to encourage kids to think entrepreneurially. 

A curious mindset and the ability to problem solve, are integral to entrepreneurial development. Initially, having children think about solutions to problems they face in their daily routines and environments can be effective to kickstart this mindset.

How would they improve or eradicate this issue in an Ideal world?

What practical steps can be taken to overcome the problem?
Be Disruptive While Trying To Encourage Kids To Think Entrepreneurially 

Being ‘disruptive’ is an overused buzzword in ‘tech’ circles, but at the root of the meaning of the word is actually a precious skill for children to understand.

What is being disruptive?

In a nutshell it is about making normal ‘better.’

Encouraging kids to think entrepreneurially will not only help them again to find solutions, but it can also be to make existing processes and ‘things’ easier, more fun, quicker, longer-lasting and much more.
Be Profit Aware

Eventually, with entrepreneurship, money is going to get involved!

Whilst I’ve always advocated that burgeoning entrepreneurs should chase their passions and excellence over financial rewards – cash-flow does need to be considered.

Children should be taught how to weigh up earning potential with risks and associated costs in order to determine how viable their ventures are. If the idea doesn’t make ‘business’ sense how could it be improved to generate income? Or should it be a hobby?
Be a “Scale-Hero”

Another important factor in developing an entrepreneurial mindset is the idea of collaboration and having a network.

I like to call this being a “scale-hero”.

A scale-hero solves a problem and then shares the solution with others, who perhaps have their own solutions or processes in place. From here the two parties can explore how they can mutually benefit each other, grow and ultimately help more people!
Be Aware and Curious

These two attitudes form the basis of lifelong learning. Being inquisitive, practicing and honing one’s skills are part and parcel of this. For children this may come in the form of reading, watching videos online, being mentored by older peers and much more.
Be Risk-Taker

It’s said that great things are very rarely achieved from a comfort zone, and I really couldn’t agree more!

Therefore, being a risk-taker is my final and probably the most crucial step in developing as an entrepreneur and thinking entrepreneurially.

Successful entrepreneurs often makes mistakes and fail, but this is part of the journey to success - an inevitability in life and business.

The ability to be bold, take risks, speak up and try new things leads to development and ultimately success; without it we would be stuck in the same position permanently!
The entrepreneurial journey is not for the faint-hearted, but by embodying these characteristics, enjoying what they do and being encouraged by peers and caregivers they will be well on their way to entrepreneurial bliss.


Julian Hall

Founder of Ultra Education (UltraKids Club and UltraAcademy)

Julian Hall is an award winning serial entrepreneur who started his first business at 18 yrs old. With 20 years experience of technology in banking and startups, Julian is an international speaker, media commentator, best selling author and educator also known as The Ultrapreneur. He is also the founder of Ultra Education, a company which teaches entrepreneurship in primary and secondary schools and clubs around the country.

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