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Hunt Down Your Potential

Sarah-Anne Lucas

CEO BirdOnABike, Author, Speaker, Radio Presenter

Photo by N. on Unsplash

Measuring your own quality or performance before taking yourself to the market sounds quite similar to starting a business.  

Yet here is what I know to be true: most people especially entrepreneurs and business people very rarely do this.  

They do not plan, they go straight to test.

One in four new businesses fail within the first 24 months, with most SME’s not even producing  the basics of a business plan.   

Many have the greatest of ideas but rarely have the foresight  to test the vulnerability of their business.   They are romantic about the idea but unable to show or measure results.

This seems so strange when it is a prerequisite to  provide evidence of your potential  as a business person, to banks, or investors.  

Andrew Priestley once asked a simple but brutal question:

If banks and investors want solid answers to these questions, why don't you?

So, why don't you want evidence of your potential?  Or maybe you do, but do not know how.  

So ask yourself “How can see evidence of my potential, and reflect that evidence in all areas of my life?”

When I began my training for the Ironman, I developed a 20 week plan:  a day-by-day  in-depth account of the effort to be exerted.  I gave myself 20 weeks to produce the outcome and planned to test and adjust my performance within the time frame.   

Step by step, I measured my results daily and began to see a different kind of return on investment: instead of money the currency of ROI was time, energy, compromise in relationships, and nutrition.  

The return was quite simply, progress towards my potential.

For most people I meet I can see in their bodies that they have an idea of what they want, such as extraordinary results in life, but they are not prepared to invest the time to building their potential.   The reality is they are not testing and planning the body that drives their business.

You see you are your business, and your potential as this amazing human being will create the results, and the evidence for all you can be.  

The potential of you, is really all you have.  

Being the best of you is not just your responsibility, it is your duty. 

So no matter what, organize yourself to test and plan your potential.  And continue to test and plan, and test and plan like an ever decreasing circle.  

Because by doing so you are building faith of you; seeing something that no other sees and feeling something that is there, and will help you to be all you dare to be.

It is your duty every day, to seek out your potential, develop a plan, and test yourself.  

When you do that, you are quite literally, building the body of your business.   YOU.


Sarah-Anne Lucas

CEO BirdOnABike, Author, Speaker, Radio Presenter

Birdonabike was founded from a lifelong love affair with fitness and optimum health. From running marathons to Ironman the passion grew and this reflected in the exponential growth of the business. Building the foundations of Birdonabike came form being a Registered nurse for 17 years. Reaching peaks of performance within the NHS as a Sister of award and Nurse Practitioner, diagnosing and prescribing within the community.

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