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How To Bring The Wonder Of Springtime Into Your Business

William Buist

Business Mentor and Founder of the xTEN Club

Compared with the dark days of winter just passed, spring is an enlivening time.

New growth is vibrant and colourful, and there is anticipation of better days to come.  The light of the sky is clearer and although still crisp in the morning, we begin to feel the warming days.

Springtime, affects our mood, and often motivates us forward in all kinds of ways.

Nature is incredibly smart: you could say it has am amazing strategy.

When we look closely at nature we can see that all around us has been generated from all that has gone before. Underneath all the beauty we see around us now in early summer, fallen trees have gradually faded back into the soil.  

Insects and microbes are busy below the surface, recovering valuable elements  and recycling them.

There is a race on too; a race to get to the best light, to gain  access to water and nutrients.
In our businesses, when we 'spring' forward with a new product or service we to want it to grow well.  We want them to be vibrant and inspirational to those who experience  it.   

For sure the business in its early days, is likely to be a bit crisp, a little sharp at the edges but if it does well the impact on all that we do will be evident, and motivational.
In business we too must have a strategy.

All that we have is built on what came before. Our knowledge provides the fertile soil, our experience the framework, and our skills the means of looking beyond the horizon and creating new growth.

It is vital that we don't cast away the important elements of what has been in our rush to create the new.
Our business is an eco-system and all its parts are interdependent. Our business model design ensures that it can be sustained in the long term, and our collaborations give us access to the resources we need.
As we edge into summer, it is worth some time to understand what you have built on waht, so that when your competitors come to crowd out your light, they can't. 

And if your business is in a new spring. your knowledge, your skills, and your experience, if you put them to work in a smart and strategic way, will make your business grow strong, and make this summer bloom.


William Buist

Business Mentor and Founder of the xTEN Club

William is a strategy mentor for owner-led businesses in London and Bristol. His work unlocks sustainable profits and avoids costly mistakes for his clients to release them to make a more meaningful difference. William's lifetime of business experience works alongside yours to create successful collaborative teams along with a practical design of the operational model.

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