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(TR)action = The Results of Action

Our Guests

Ketan Makwana

Enterprise Lab

Baiju Solanki

EnSpirit Ltd

The current pandemic has cause disruption and interruption to people's lives. Whether you are at risk of losing your job, lost your job or want to transition into having your own business then you need TRACTION


How to build traction... start a new venture, create momentum and generate revenue


  • Overcoming the disappointment of losing your job: When you are at risk of losing your job or have lost your main source of income, your mindset can become negative.
  • Understanding what the transition is like from being employed to becoming an entrepreneur: We will take you through our own personal journeys of transition. 
  • Started during lockdown?: Get insights on what you need to do to accelerate your business.
  • Generate revenue and build your income: Clear strategies to create sales and start earning.
  • Blueprinting your success: An introduction into how you can blueprint and engineer your way to business success.
  • Learn how to start up sustainably and successfully: Simplified plan and process that you can adopt to start your business

(TR)action = The Results of Action

Oct 28 , 2020
  • 7:30 pm
  • Webinar
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