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Glen Williamson

Sales Consultant, Trainer, Speaker & Interim Sales Director

Glen Williamson is the founder and Principal Consultant of GWC Sales Training with over 29 years experience in Sales & Business Development at all levels. He is an Interim Sales Director and Master Coach (CSA) with clients across the Oil & Gas, Insurance, Shipping, Logistics, Professional Services, Consulting, Design, and Financial Services sectors.

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by Glen Williamson

Fri Dec 06 2019 Glen Williamson

Lead Us Not Into Temptation!

In the sixties, a scientist called Mischel, performed a now famous experiment on ‘impulse resistance’. In th

Sat Nov 09 2019 Glen Williamson

Success in Sales? It Is All About How Yo ...

Recently, I have found myself answering more and more of the delegates on my sales courses with the same answer. Rega

Tue Aug 13 2019 Glen Williamson

Do You Recognise This Pattern As A Small ...

You start a business with a great idea and a lot of passion and excitement. You package your idea into a product or s

Thu Aug 08 2019 Glen Williamson

The Myth of the Natural Salesman

It is rare in these times to meet consistently exceptional sales people. According to statistics recently presented i