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Julian Hall

Founder of Ultra Education (UltraKids Club and UltraAcademy)

Julian Hall is an award winning serial entrepreneur who started his first business at 18 yrs old. With 20 years experience of technology in banking and startups, Julian is an international speaker, media commentator, best selling author and educator also known as The Ultrapreneur. He is also the founder of Ultra Education, a company which teaches entrepreneurship in primary and secondary schools and clubs around the country.

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Julian Hall

Playing it Safe is Playing it Down

If you ask a child who is maybe six or seven years old “What would you like to be when you grow up?” I am

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Julian Hall

The ‘No Spoon’ Approach to Entrepreneurs ...

The iconic line from the 1999 Sci-Fi blockbuster ‘The Matrix’ there is no spoon ...has a profound

StartUp Grow
Julian Hall

Ideas To Encourage Kids To Think Entrepr ...

As many of us will be aware entrepreneurship is a never-ending journey of self-development, learning and growth, that is

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